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Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are there to choosing laminate countertops?

  1. Design Flexibility

  2. Durability

  3. Ease of maintenance

    • Being naturally stain resistant, laminate can be cleaned with most all purpose cleaners

  4. Value

  5. Seamless backsplash options

  6. More color/pattern options than any other material


What are the lead-times for your countertops and installation?

  • We stock a wide variety of the industry’s top patterns and textures for quick turnaround times. Keeping our lead-times below the industry standard is one of the core pillars in our company. Let us know if you have time sensitive constraints and we will discuss all options with you that meet your needs. Installed countertops range from about 2-3 weeks for templating/fabrication/installation. Lead-times vary depending upon workload and your products specifications.


Do I need to be present for both the templating and installation?

  • Yes, it is important for you to be present during the template and installation stage. This ensures you receive exactly what you have envisioned. Special circumstances can allow us to work around this if desired.


What is a template?

  • A template is a pattern of your future countertops that will be used during fabrication to ensure a precise fit. We can work off your own templates or make our own on site.


Will you disconnect and reconnect my electrical and plumbing if needed?

  • No, Rushmore Countertops is not a licensed electrician or plumber. Arrangements will need to be made with licensed contractors. We can help provide this or you can find your own.


Can I place hot pans on my countertops?

  • No, placing hot items on any type of countertop surface (even granite) can damage the surface.


Will my countertops have a seam?

  • This is dependent on the layout and the limitations of the countertop style you have chosen. We strive to minimize seams or the appearance of seams wherever possible.


How thick or deep will my countertops be?

  • Our stock selection offers 25 ¼” deep kitchen tops and 22 ¼” deep vanity tops both being 1 3/8” thick. Countertops can be fabricated to non standard depths or thicknesses upon request.


Can laminate countertops be repaired?

  • Yes, small chips and dents can be filled and disguised by using a product called Seamfil. We can help assist you in selecting the right Seamfil color or you can pick this up from us. End caps can also be easily replaced with a heat gun and chisel. Replacement end caps are pre-glued and are available at Rushmore Countertops.


What are your stock colors?

  • Our portfolio of stock colors can be found here or by navigating to the “Stock Colors” tab under “Products”.



What warranty do you offer on your countertops?  




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